BI4ALL opens office in Switzerland

BI4ALL, one of the world’s leading data analytics and artificial intelligence companies, opens its first office in Switzerland as part of its internationalisation strategy.

As one of the Top 10 Big Data Analytics Consulting/Service Companies in Europe 2020 and one of the 10 “Most Successful Consultant Companies to Watch” in 2022, BI4ALL supports companies in their digital transformation and data strategy and has excellent competencies in Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, CPM and Software Engineering. With the newly opened office in Switzerland, BI4ALL is responding to the increasing demand of the international market.

Portugal as an IT hub in Europe

It is no coincidence that BI4ALL, a Portuguese IT company, is gaining a foothold in Switzerland. It’s no coincidence that Lisbon, BI4ALL’s headquarters, is considered the European equivalent of Silicon Valley.. Portugal has been standing out at European level for its fast-growing technological ecosystem and has become a centre for innovation, helping a growing number of companies to develop and implement technological solutions that, regardless of the degree of complexity associated, have high-quality delivery as an ordinary requirement.

New womanpower for the Swiss IT industry

Branca Petrovic will be the Country Manager for the Swiss office. She is no stranger to the IT industry: prior to joining the company, she held the position of Head Of Business Development at Qnectiv AG, a leading provider of advanced communication solutions with great expertise in highly secure encryption mechanisms. “I am looking forward to the new challenge at BI4ALL. Data sovereignty is undisputedly a key success feature in companies today and is an effective bridge for the development of successful business strategies. Data-driven companies are agile businesses, able and willing to respond to the challenges of the current market and take a leading path into the future,” explains Branca Petrovic. “And it is precisely such companies that we also want to offer our expertise to in Switzerland.”

Already several Swiss customers

The fact that Switzerland became the first office outside of the home country is due, among other things, to the development of the last few years. BI4ALL has been serving various Swiss clients for some time and sees great potential in the Swiss market. “We have high expectations for the next three years, both for Portugal and for Switzerland and the entire global market, both in terms of strengthening our internationalisation strategy and in terms of national and international new hires to accompany the expected growth,” said José Oliveira, CEO of BI4ALL.

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